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Stocked and made ready for installation.

Acosta Sheet Metal Mfg.'s Alumaspiral is the first and only of its kind.

Alumaspiral is stocked in a variety of diameter sizes, and is fabricated with features that help speed up installation on the job site, and ultimately save money on the job. 

Made with corrosive-resistant aluminum (3003 H14 Aluminum), Alumaspiral is significantly lighter than galvanized pipe, without sacrificing the durability of spiral fabrication. 

Key features: 

  • Collars are "built in", and part of the pipe–it's all one piece. 

  • Wrapped in 4.2 R-value, Johns Manville GreenGaurd Certified Insulation. 

  • Averages 30% lighter than galvanized spiral pipe across all sizes. 

  • 7.5-foot length allows for easier installation, when compared to longer lengths.

  • Fabricated according to SMACNA guidelines Table 3.14.

Alumaspiral as sold.png

Alumaspiral as stock and sold. Also stocked with taped ends and/or visqueened/wrapped ends.

Alumaspiral Collar End Detail.png

Alumaspiral with lining pulled back to show collar detail.

Alumaspiral End Detail.png

Alumaspiral with lining pulled back to show detail.

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Spec Sheet Screenshot.png


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